Beautiful Property

We spent a week here in late November. The home was very clean and beautiful with its high ceilings. There was plenty of space for our family of 8. The kitchen was very well stocked and we enjoyed the very large dining table to eat at. The main room was also very cozy with a big fireplace and three sofas, with blankets and pillows. We enjoyed watching the World Cup games, all 8 of us in this main room. We also walked to the town, ate bread from the the bread vending machine (very interesting for us Americans) and we had a very nice dinner at the local restaurant in the town, suggested by our host. This home was very spacious and a wonderful, relaxing stay for our family. FYI for travelers to Paris: One thing to warn you of when taking the train into Paris, make sure you buy the zone 5 tickets. There is no one attending the train booth in Marles-en-brie when we bought our tickets, and we ended up buying the wrong tickets. The English translation on the the ticket machine is not clear in the least bit (we bought tickets that said Paris visites). When we arrived in Paris, a train security worker (seemingly waiting for unsuspecting travelers) took our tickets, wanted our passports (which we didn’t give him), told us we bought the wrong tickets, and said we needed to pay the fine of 35 Euros each person or he would call the police. Then another worker came over and pretended to call the police. They were very rude, irrational and since then we have found on google this is happening quite often. So beware. We ended up paying over 200 Euros in fines and tried very hard to not let this experience ruin our day. Patricia learned of the train situation (and mentioned it is not the first time she has see this kind of thing happening) and is now actively working on a solution to facilitate the train issue for her guests. Anyway, we enjoyed meeting Patricia and staying at this wonderful place. We highly recommend it!