Crécy la Chapelle

Crécy-la-Chapelle is a small town located in a peaceful and green environment. There are several activities to do and discover in this city and the surrounding area.

  1. Historical Tour: The town is home to several historic buildings such as the Saint-Martin Church, the Château de Crécy-la-Chapelle and the Château de la Roche-Guilbert, which offer a fascinating insight into the architecture and history of the city.

  2. Nature walks: Crécy-la-Chapelle is surrounded by numerous parks and public gardens, as well as the Forêt de la Tranchée, which offer many opportunities for peaceful walks and outdoor activities.

  3. Culinary discovery: The city offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, where you can taste local dishes and drinks typical of the region.

  4. Shopping: Crécy-la-Chapelle is equipped with several local boutiques and department stores for shopping enthusiasts.

  5. Leisure activities: The town also offers a number of leisure activities for young and old, such as golf, tennis, swimming and cinema.

In summary, Crécy-la-Chapelle offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

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