Parrot World (animal park)

An immersive adventure in the heart of the animal kingdom 13 km from our lodge.

Live a fun and educational experience in the heart of the first immersive animal park dedicated to the treasures of South America in Île de France

Parrot World invites you to take the time to observe the animals that inhabit the Amazon and Patagonia, in a setting close to their natural habitat. During your visit, time stands still and you are transported into the green and colorful atmosphere of the South American landscapes.

It was in the mid-2000s that Éric Vignot, founding president of Parrot World, fell in love with parrots. Fascinated by these multicolored birds endowed with unparalleled intelligence, he began to take an interest in their way of life. He first volunteered in a parrot refuge and became aware of the threats weighing on this species: disappearance of their natural habitats, poaching and sometimes unsuitable living conditions in private homes.

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